Bins and Recycling

The following information are for the bin collection service in Abbots Riton and Wennington.

Collection Details

Please place your waste on the edge of your property by 06:30 am on the day of collection, ensuring that all your waste is inside the bin. Only waste inside the wheeled bins will be taken. Make sure you do not overfill your wheeled bin. If your bin is too heavy to move, it will not be emptied.

Abbots Ripton

  • Grey bin: alternate Wednesdays (general waste)
  • Blue bin: alternate Wednesdays (recycling)
  • Green bin: alternate Thursdays (garden / green waste)


    • Grey bin: alternate Wednesdays (general waste)
    • Blue bin: alternate Wednesdays (recycling)
    • Green bin: alternate Fridays (garden / green waste)

    Bank Holidays

    No collections will take place on bank holidays. During all weeks containing a bank holiday, collections will take place one day later.

    To find out more about refuse collection times during holiday periods, please check the Huntingdonshire District Council Refuse Collection Information application on their website.

    Assisted Collections

    The collection team can come and collect your waste or recycling from its normal storage place, take it to the collection vehicle for emptying and then return the container where appropriate.

    Assisted collections are only available for householders that are unable to take their waste out for collection themselves.

    This may include:

    • People with disabilities
    • The infirm or elderly
    • The visually impaired

    The Council is unable to provide this service where there is a person living in the household that can take the waste out on collection day.

    Further Details

    Check your collection times on the the Huntingdonshire Council website.

    Types of Waste

    Garden Waste, Including;
    Grass Cuttings & Leaves
    Untreated Wood & Sawdust
    Flowers and Weeds
    Prunings from Hedges, Shrubs and Trees
    Shredded Paper (providing it’s mixed with green waste)
    Kitchen Waste including:
    Vegetable and Fruit Peelings
    Dairy Products
    All Cooked and Uncooked Food
    (food can be wrapped in newspaper to keep odour to a minimum)
    NO plastic bags
    NO other domestic rubbish
    Nothing that will not rot
    Glass Bottles and Jars
    Cans, Tins and Foil
    Jam Jar Lids
    Junk Mail and Flyers
    Cardboard Egg Boxes
    Biscuit and Sweet tins
    Plastic – Bottles only
    Newspapers and Magazines
    Yogurt Pots
    Plant Pots
    Margarine or Ice cream tubs
    Holiday Brochures and Directories
    Tetra Packs (milk, juice and squash cartons)
    Cardboard and Packaging Card
    NO black sacks or carrier bags
    NO clothes, textiles, or shoes
    NO paint tins
    NO broken toys
    NO batteries
    NO shredded paper
    NO cling film or polystyrene
    NO polystyrene & plastic egg boxes
    Domestic Waste that cannot be recycled, composted, reused or disposed of by other means. Do not overfill your wheeled bin.The wheeled bin should not be used for hot ashes,