Parish Plan and Updates

Parish Plan

The following are links to the parish plan. If you would like a hard copy please email the Parish Clerk who can hopefully arrange to get you one.

Parish Plan Updates

Speed Indicator Signs and 40 mph Buffer Zones

More news to follow, but it looks like funding has been approved by the County Council for 40 mph buffer zones on the entrances to village and for the use of Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS) / Speed Indicator Signs (SID).

There are still a couple of final approvals to go through but looking good at the moment.

Buffer Zones Preliminary Proposal from Highways

The initial 40 mph zones suggested by highways are marked in a black dashed line as indicated in the map key. This has been challenged and the last information we received was that the zones would be extended. We are awaiting final confirmation as where this will take them to but they will be extended as far as they can under current guidelines.

40 mph Buffer Zones Preliminary Proposal from Highways